Five Point Five Hours of Fixie Fun

I spent 5.5 hours on the Kogswell fixed wheel bike this weekend.  It was either because I’m a poor bicycle mechanic, made a mistake, had to order one more part to finish the project bike build, and I’m highly frustrated because I have to wait even longer before I can ride my new bike.


My excursions into the country side on fixed wheel were a gesture of solidarity and celebration with my friend Steve A who is now the proud owner of a new fixed wheel bicycle, with 3 speeds.

Let’s say it’s the latter, because the first option makes me sound like an incompetent whiner.

3 thoughts on “Five Point Five Hours of Fixie Fun

  1. Good thing you didn't simplify all the way down to one bike, or you wouldn't have been riding at all!Being a "poor bicycle mechanic" myself, I know the importance of having at least one back up bicycle ready to go when you attempt some DIY bike wrenching.

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