Was This Goodbye?

The new project frame is due to arrive today. Knowing that wheels and several components from this bike must be used on the new frame, I made a point to take A. Homer Hilsen out this morning.
It will soon be rendered un-ridable, and I’ve got this simplification project underway that anticipates multiple bikes leaving the premises. Like that last gathering of high school friends at the post-graduation celebration when I knew I’d never see many of them again, I wondered. Was this our last ride together? Was this goodbye?

5 thoughts on “Was This Goodbye?

  1. Chris, I gotta say I'm dismayed. Looks like you've picked up an awfully nice new set o' wheels, but selling the gorgeous AHH is unfortunate. And it's unfortunate I don't have the cash to buy the AHH. Dang! I sure do like that color!

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