Now I’ve Really Done It

I’m really too embarrassed to elaborate at this point. However, I will suggest that bicycle aficionados looking for bargains should monitor this space. Bicycles and components will soon be for sale. Whatever it is that I’m too embarrassed to talk about…um…needs funding. Besides, in spite of appearances, I really am serious about my end destination of simplification. I just happen to be taking the scenic route.

Oh, and one more thing. I really should be under closer supervision.

12 thoughts on “Now I’ve Really Done It

  1. Oh man, what have you done now? Ordered a new bike? Put a deposit down on a handbuilt custom perhaps? Maybe ever since you were at the NAHBS in Austin a year ago, the idea of a new custom bike has been percolating around in your head? The suspense is killing me.

  2. Didn't really intend to be so obscure. Just didn't want to come out and say, "I am purchasing a new bike". I've gone on record saying that I'm trying to simplify. And until I actually send two (or more) out as Jon suggested, I have no credibility. It's embarrassing.I believe, however, that I've found a way to blend together many of the best features of several bikes in one. So first on the block will be the Trek 660. More on that soon.

  3. Our little merry band has taken to discussing GAS, GearAacquisition Syndrome. I have a feeling you have a significant case of GAS.Looking forward.

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