11 thoughts on “Where Quickbeams Go

  1. Quickbeam…You make my heart sing..Ahh-aahh..QuickbeamYou make ev erything…Groovy!Quickbeam, I think I love you.But, I gotta know for sure..(Or, was that not the Wild Thing reference that you meant to make?)

  2. I really enjoy the contrasts of the orange frame and green grass. It's neat to see how it brings out the artsy/creative side of some of your readers. By the way, is that grass being bent by wind or is it just growing that way? We've been having gusts of over 40 mph here today…no riding for me 😦

  3. Yeah, the QB looks better in all that green stuff blowing in the wind than next to that brownish coyote hanging on the fence. With today's wind, 25-35mph with 40mph gusts, I think that grass would be laying over much farther. Glad I got out yesterday.

  4. Hi- I was struck by the lighting and the grass too. Soft hues but quite vibrant. I like how taller grasses give a certain animation to the landscape. I agree too,the bike looks very natural.

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