Personality Match

(simple minded)

In the comments section of a prior post, I replied to GravelDoc’s observation that me and the QB are “hitting it off rather well” by saying that we are a good personality match. There is a connection with this bike that is difficult to describe in any other way.


I recently made a few minor refinements to make that observation even more accurate. The bright yellow bar tape was just a little too flashy for our personality, so shellac was applied to subdue things. The goal was to match the leather trim on my Carradice bag. QB and I aren’t glamorous, but we do have a certain appreciation for aesthetics.

(rural and unsophisticated)

I switched bottle cages, moved the frame pump back to A. Homer Hilsen, and replaced the pedals. All these changes were made for a combination of functional (primarily) and aesthetic reasons.


Now if I can get the boys at Trinity bicycles to get me a water bottle in QB orange, we’ll be ready for guests.

14 thoughts on “Personality Match

  1. There's just something about an orange bike…I am really missing the Handsome and my Orange Peugeot fixed gear. Still snowy, here, and we are expecting more, mid-week.Spring is just around the corner…Spring is just around the corner…Spring is just around the corner…Spring is just around the corner…Spring is just around the corner…

  2. What a gorgeous bike Chris! I've just come in from a 2 hour flat ride on my Rambouillet (which I've always wished was orange), and you've got me seriously wondering about making it a single speed Rambouillet! Maybe even fixed?And I love the way your Quickbeam came about, with you trying to cull the number of bikes, then all of a sudden, somehow, there was one more! I have the same trouble, thinking I should cull 4 to 3, then thinking that what I really need is 2 more bikes!Cheers, Martin / The Old Man.

  3. Thanks, all, for the positive comments.Jon, based on the plans you have for the year, I know you are craving saddle time.Martin, I don't think I've ever told anyone this, but I've often thought about "fixing" the A. Homer Hilsen. Not thinking about it too much lately…

  4. I like the fact that you have a front rack on your QB, but you still run a saddlebag. Nice juxtaposition.I can't deny that I'm a bit envious of the orange over my grey/silver, but not enough to covet.

  5. For now, the front rack is overflow capacity. One day, I'll find a Lil' Loafer (tan canvas, no reflector strip) for sale. It seems no one wants to sell one. When that happens, the saddlebag will become the easy on/off overflow.

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