We’re celebrating Ramble eve here at the Pondero homestead. Why? Because it looks like the conditions are going to be perfect.

After several days of long range weather forecasts of cold, or rain, or cold rain…and after 3-4 days of cloudy, gloomy, drizzly rain, and about an inch of rain yesterday, the skies are clearing nicely tonight. Cheerful sunshine is expected for tomorrow. Perfect.

Temperature expected at the 10am (that means rollout, folks, not just pulling into my driveway) start is 40 degrees. The high temperature should be about 55. Perfect.

The wind is going to be light and variable. Perfect.

It was a maddening work week. I haven’t been on the bike since last weekend. I guess that means I’m starving for the bike…and I’m not “over trained”. Perfect.

Yeah, it rained earlier this week. You might be wondering if this year’s Ramble will be a mud fest. Actually, no, it will not. The beautiful and fabulous Mrs. Pondero, the eager son-in-law, and the bored, yet patient daughter took the truck (while I was earning a living) and conducted last minute reconn. They reported a few puddles, lot’s of easy-to-ride gravel, and a little mud to make it interesting. I’d say that’s…perfect.

So, who’s in?

15 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Armadillos are not good gravel tires and I have concluded the blue bike needs some TLC of its own. Including some updating. I think I've been grinding these beasts into the ground. The one solid bike is the road bike and I DO have a brand new set of 28c Contis, but I think it'll rub. My mom is out at the moment so I may see if I can do a quick trial fitting. Fenders are for sissies anyway!

  2. As I write this, the ramble is, no doubt, well under way. Sounds like you'll have a good turn out. It does look like the perfect day for a gravel ramble. I'm feeling kind of envious. Hope to read a full report with lots of photos. Have fun!

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