Mid-Week Outing

Perfect day for a ride. Since a few refinements had been made to the Kogswell, a good thorough evaluation seemed in order. The turquoise Brooks bar tape adds a splash of color, and the Hetres finally replaced the well-worn Col de la Vies.

One of my longer regular loops was chosen. It includes a trip to Denton, followed by a south-to-north run of the Greenbelt Trail immediately downstream of the Lake Ray Roberts Dam. The first stop in the courthouse sunshine was perfect for a short coffee break.
The Greenbelt Trail follows the Elm Fork of the Trinity River for roughly 10 miles or so, and is fairly flat.
Here in the middle of the workday, this popular trail was empty, except for the two deer encountered just beyond the limits of this photo.
Most of the time, the creek is beyond sight. Occasionally, the trail draws near and the vegetation clears, catching my eye.
Speaking of eyes, looking to my left during my lunch break, I saw this probing eye watching my every move. Less creepy on the other side of the handlebars.
With some of the leaves already gone, there were more opportunities than usual to see the leaning creekside trees and a greater variety of colors. Perfect timing.
The trail only crosses the creek in one location, and it is worth a short pause.
At the end of the trail, there is a climb up to the road on top of the dam. Before aiming my front wheel towards home, just one more glance at where I’d been.
Lucky me.

16 thoughts on “Mid-Week Outing

  1. Outstanding!! Really!! #1 comments of Edulux on fender. #2 Hetres vs CdlVs? #3 650 vs 700. I'm enjoying the 700 experience right now, but some supple fat rubber might change that perception. I do like my Soma Xpress 650bs.

  2. Tex69, I like the headlight on fender. Since the fender is attached to the rack, it has plenty of support. After moving this one to the fender, and my other light to the front of my front rack, no more annoying shadows. Love it.Regarding Hetres vs. CdlVs, I give Hetres the edge. The extra width is better on gravel roads, yet they seem faster on paved roads also. I don't think they accelerate as fast, but I can live with that.Regarding 650 vs 700, until I got the Trek, I was "all in" on 650. For the rough county roads I ride, and my small size, that size wheel just seems to be the sweet spot for me. That said, nothing wrong with 700. The Trek, with its light 28s, spins up to speed very quickly. To anyone considering moving to "supple fat rubber", make sure you can live with less acceleration. I don't think you lose long distance speed, and the comfort is amazing.

  3. Your photos seem to often reveal a very clean landscape – literally uncluttered by trash. I always see litter no matter where I go and its very disheartening indeed. I cut through a nice forest trail and its all coffee cups and beer cans. Maybe I need to move to Texas. I have always admired how clean the USA is.

  4. Wilson, we have our share of trash. I just don't show you everything. I enjoy excellent riding conditions near my home, but it is not as perfect as these photos would suggest.

  5. Definitely a beautiful ride. I like the building with the pillars in #2, what is that place?The scenery is lovely, especially the creeks. Glad you got out! Oh, and nice work improving the Kogswell, too.

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