Mid-Day Micro-Tour

Making the best of a work-spoiled S240, I investigated a potential new lake access point. I had spotted something on an aerial photo that looked promising. If I couldn’t camp last night, I’d pack a lunch today at least, and explore.

Turns out my hunch was correct. This spot is a little farther from the house than the spot I usually visit for a lake view, but it is also more remote. It might serve well as a future S24O spot.

Since the lake is down a few feet, I was able to ride along the beach a bit. I found a place out of the blustery wind and set-up my picnic lunch. Compared to the work week, it couldn’t have been more luxurious.

I took my time. The clouds sailed by. The warmth of the sun came and went. Ducks moved from one spot to another, low to the water, against the wind, like cyclists in a paceline. I found a flat, grassy spot and imagined what it would be like to wake up to the sound of the lake shore and this view.

On the way home, I thanked God for balance, clarity, and restoration.

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