Test Ride

I pulled back into the driveway, chest heaving, quads burning, seeing stars. It was only a 15-minute test ride to see if everything was working right. But apparently Mr. Project Bike had other ideas.

While trying to shift through the gears, test the brakes, and carefully spin it up to speed, he surged forward with each revolution. He taunted me. “Come on girly-man,” he sneered, “Is that all you’ve got?” He pressed further, “How about some real speed?” Then demanded, “Let’s go!” And I just hung on for the ride.
Like a top fuel dragster, he burned through oxygen faster than I could supply it.
He may look like a pleasant enough fellow…this freakish frankenbike. But he’s a tough task master. A real monster, this one.

9 thoughts on “Test Ride

  1. Does Mrs Pondero agree about the anthropomorphic nature of this project? Just asking, because all the bikes I ride have names – EXCEPT for my red road bike.

  2. the "motor" analogy only rings true to a certain extent. I feel quite fast on a certain shiny new bike and the computer lends to that fact; I'm faster on it.

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