Step Zero – Out of the Box

1984 Trek 660
The project bike arrived late yesterday afternoon.
I’ve only had enough time to pull it out of the box, slap it together into one piece, and play with it for about 15 minutes. No adjustments. It was a hoot to carve sharp turns and feel the acceleration.
It’s pretty much what I wanted…a decent lugged steel bike with standard diameter tubes and geometry slightly more race-like than my current bikes. It fits perfectly, and even though it needs work, it’s just what I had in mind for this project.
I know that the saddle, tires, and bars will need to be replaced, but I haven’t really had the time yet to do a thorough inventory and make a plan. That’ll be the first step, and I’m looking forward to it.

19 thoughts on “Step Zero – Out of the Box

  1. It looks great, what a fun bike! I think having a faster bike in the stable is a great choice. I consider it a luxury … As you know, I absolutely love riding my faster bike, even though it's not as practical for everyday riding. On a faster machine you might also feel inclined to ride longer distances since the miles melt away faster/easier.

  2. Steve and Jon, I plan to stay with drop bars, but the current ones seem a bit too narrow.Rombsy, I'm not sure how much additional width I'll be able to get, but the current tires are 25mm, and my eye-ball estimate is 28mm at least, and maybe 30mm. The fork is the limitation.

  3. I have some Salsa Woodchippers (black) and an Origin8 Gary II bar, which are both flared, wide bars, if you want one of them. I just can't get comfortable on drops, any more…

  4. Drop bars similar to my Tricross might do well. They're reasonably wide and the shallow drops work well for a lot of people. My top bar does get a little crowded with the cross top brakes and two headlights.

  5. Jon, thanks for the offer on bars. I've been thinking about it. I've actually been thinking of trying a bar like those for my Kogswell P/R. If you send me a note via email with a price, maybe I'll pull the trigger on one of them.

  6. I drooled over that exact bike in 1984. Same color, same model (not same size frame, however). I love every thing about that bike. I waited until 1986 and bought a Trek 500 Tri Series instead. I still think of what could have been…I have no suggestions about what you could do with the bike, although I am confident you will come up with something awesome. You've got a great base to start from.

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