7 thoughts on “Two Tips

  1. Howdy, Mr. Pondero.Just a note to say I hope you're well, and that the reason for your absence is because you're out riding so much! It's your prerogative to post when you like, of course; I just haven't seen such a spell between updates since I started following you regularly.Warm regards in the heart of summer,~Robin

  2. Rombsy, thanks for noticing. I really appreciate it. It's just a coincidental series of minor inconveniences. Hopefully, something amusing, or worth pondering, will happen this weekend. Best to you…

  3. Morning light……… and travel by bike. For me they are one and the same. The most peaceful time of the day, and the most peaceful of pastimes. I very much enjoy your blog Mr. Pondero, Me thinks we are a lot alike.

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