Bicycle Bloggers Meet-Up

Based on such positive experiences I’ve had meeting DFW bicycle bloggers (such as Chandra, Steve, Myles, and Paul) in person, I figured I’d expand my social horizons a bit further. When my plans were set to attend a conference in Louisville, Kentucky, I contacted David and Tim to see if we might meet for coffee. Even with high expectations, they both surprised me.
We agreed to meet at a coffee shop across the street from the Performing Arts Center (where David works), which was a 3-minute walk from the conference hotel. To accommodate my schedule constraints, they both went out of their way to meet me early.

David, Tim, and me

Tim, in the middle of a heinous workload spike, was especially tired. But he got up early on his day off to allow me to meet him.

Knowing of my fondness for his Quickbeam, he rode it to the meeting place. I didn’t have much time to inspect it closely, but I am an experienced bicycle gawker. I assure you that I did a fairly complete inventory on the fly, and was quite pleased.
David went out of his way to bring me a bike to ride. He folded it, loaded it up on the rack of his LHT, brought it downtown, unfolded it, and pushed it toward me just in case I have a chance to ride while I’m in town.
The visit was far too short. I just wanted to buy these guys a coffee and say thanks for all the encouragement as internet friends, and yet they honored me. When the clock said that I had to report to duty at the conference, I stuffed my right pants leg into my sock, and pedaled away.
Sharing the experience with guys like this is what I often think about when I’m out there alone on the north Texas prairie. I hope they can come to Texas someday. I have a favor to return.

7 thoughts on “Bicycle Bloggers Meet-Up

  1. Imagine my surprise to open your blog and see one of my favorite coffee shops in my home town. I am glad you received some of our southern hospitality.

  2. Man. I wish I could've been there. Very cool that you guys got to meet — Tim and David are great guys. See if you can get Bloomington, or Indy, on your travel schedule!

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