After seeing the sunbeam highlight the gravel dust on my bike yesterday, I took a few detail photos of the working bits. Except for the day Homer has a bath, it seems like it perpetually looks like this.

I had two reactions. The first one was how, with the right light, that dust just glows.
The second was, “I’ll probably need to replace a few bits soon.”
While I was contemplating my dusty cassette, Tim requested a little more information on my Edelux/rack set-up. Turns out his request fits nicely with my details theme.
Basically, I’m using a Rivendell “Mark’s Rack” up front, which has a flat tab on the front. This rack is more than it needs to be to function simply as a front rack, but versatility is its main attraction. I’ve used it as a front and rear rack on multiple bikes. That tab, with a simple “L” bracket from the hardware store, made mounting the Edelux quite easy.
I purchased screws in multiple lengths, with nylon lock-nuts, to sort-of customize the fit.
Because the light is somewhat cantilevered out beyond the mounting screw, I was concerned about rough roads and extensive gravel vibration. I figured that the light would loosen and rotate forward, and I’d be continually adjusting the aim of the light. Fortunately, it has stayed in place so far. Compared with the prior fork-mounted configuration, this is fantastic. No wheel shadows.
Now that I’ve been reminded how well this works, I think I’ll schedule a ride for tonight.

17 thoughts on “Details

  1. I like to think of road dust as "visible experience" that ought to impress other bikers. Either that or I'm too lazy too. Probably more of the latter.I like the Edulux setup. It's amazing how simple a fix can be by making a trip to the hardware store. Visualizing a simple fix is rather like art. Taking a concept and expressing it in three dimensions.

  2. Funny that you've chosen to feature your Mark's Rack. I've got a Nitto M-18 (very similar but not as feature rich as the Mark's) – Thinking of rear mounting it as a saddlebag support on my Peugeot to take a little strain off the saddle loops. Also, lovely lighting on those pictures Chris. Nice job.

  3. Apertome,I'm not saying there's no black dust underneath. But there are frequent opportunities for a fresh layer. Chainlube? Prolink lately. Considering the climate and dust, I'm thinking of trying waxing, or a wax-based lube. I'm happy enough with Prolink, but feeling a little experimental.

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