Michael Micro-Tour Redo

golden grasses on the return

We had such a grand time back in early January, Michael and I decided to do it again. For some of us, a remote breakfast at sunrise is a perfect excuse for a micro-tour.

orange horizon after a black sky start

For the racer, it is about crossing the finish line in front.

with clear skies, it brightened quickly

For the randonneur, it is about traveling long distances with time constraints.

destination hilltop at upper left

For the tourist, it is about traveling self-sufficiently, usually for multiple days.

Michael brought apple spice muffins, I brought coffee

For the S24O aficionado, it is about overnight camping.

more golden grasses

All of the ways to enjoy the bicycle have their attraction, but the micro-tour is perhaps the easiest, most luxurious, outing of them all.

self portrait, almost home

Even with limited time, fitness, and gear, one can enjoy…
…riding the bike without experiencing exhaustion…
…the outdoors without over-exposure…
…the pleasures of culinary treats without carrying a huge load…
…and the mental refreshment of meditation, when it is needed most, with minimal preparation.

apparently our peach trees survived the winter

And when you return to real life, you just might find that it looks a little more attractive than it did when you left.

7 thoughts on “Michael Micro-Tour Redo

  1. That sounds like such a great way to start a day. You may have me talked into giving it a try. Well, maybe not until Spring arrives here. This morning isn't ideal. Twenty five degrees, 30 mph winds and a fresh inch of sloppy slush on the road.

  2. Doug, maybe wait until the wind calms a bit. From what I can tell, low temperatures are nothing to you.Rat Trap Press, great idea to beat the heat. Pick a day, and we'll do the Ramble loop…or something else pleasant.

  3. I am delighted to have discovered your blog last night while reading Rough Riders/Chris Kostman. I hope to do several micro-tours this spring as the weather settles here in southwest Missouri. We, too, have been having alot of wind, rain, and cold as the tug of war between winter and spring takes place in March.

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