NAHBS Send Off

I’ll be heading from my little house out here on the prairie down to Austin, Texas for the 2011 version of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The plan is to drive down Friday morning, spend Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at the show, and return sometime on Saturday afternoon. I’ll probably bring one of my bikes and try to ride around town a little sometime during my stay. My plan also is to post some photos here of a few things that catch my interest.

I’ve read a few blog posts from some of you folks saying that you’d be there. Although we might not have met in person, maybe we’ve exchanged a few blog comments or email messages. It would be great to put a more complete personality and a face with your blog presence. Unfortunately, I might not immediately recognize you. I probably know your bicycle better than I know you, especially in street clothes. So to help minimize missed opportunities, I’ve devised a scheme, and it is quite simple.
The appropriate thing to say when you see my hat walking around is, “Howdy, Pondero!”
Safe travels, ya’ll.

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