Big Thaw Watching

By the time I ventured out, the Great Storm of February ’11 Thaw was well underway. Mostly the roads were as clear as the skies, the wind was slight, and the temperatures had climbed back in the happy zone.
Still, there remained a few patches of ice and slushy spots. Even with the quite helpful fixed wheel and fenders, I felt like a winter cycling amateur at times.
But overall it was simply a delight to be back outdoors and enjoying the countryside. Under certain circumstances, that fluffy white stuff can be pleasing to the eye.
Hopefully weird winter is behind us now, and we can get back to something more typical for Texas.

6 thoughts on “Big Thaw Watching

  1. "…winter is behind us now, and we can get back to something more typical for Texas."Can't we wait just a few more weeks before the temperature cracks past the 100 barrier?

  2. So, does that make this afternoon "the son of Big Thaw" or "Big Thaw 2 – Record Low?" I imagine you could probably come up with more clever sequel titles.FWIW, the record number of freeze days in February at DFW is 21. Currently, we stand at 10. Not that I'm counting.

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