Pace and Place

So, sometimes slower is better. Especially with an early start. Rolling out the door to sense the morning peace, is like straining eyes to see over the next ridge. A breeze only just beginning to stir. Geese honking overhead, descending through a grey sky to a pond of grey water. The bicycle glides at a perfect pace with morning unfolding before it.
But there is also arriving. Because a place gives wandering purpose. A place nearby is like a neighbor. And a place set aside, is like a listening friend. How sad to travel for distance sake and pass him on the way.

9 thoughts on “Pace and Place

  1. 'Perfect pace' – I love this concept. Every ride has its perfect pace – some faster, some slower. Sometimes you can battle against it. You try to go faster and the ride is spoiled. Perfect pace is when your bicycle achieves perpetual motion, when the forces of friction, gravity and propulsive effort declare a truce.A massively inspiring piece, visually and verbally.

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