Morning Micro-Tour Made Better

It started, I suppose, as an idea drifting along and snatched out of a stream of thoughts. The idea was to mix a recipe of some of my favorite things to see what would happen. To my usual mix of early morning gravel, micro-tour intentions, and a lonely hilltop, I added one of my best friends.
When he agreed to meet at my house in the no-moon darkness, ride for about an hour in the chilly air, and watch a sunrise, I decided to make a few preparations. A little time invested on Friday night makes a Saturday morning outing more enjoyable. My trips are relatively short, so I guess I’m more about “ultra-luxury” than “ultra-light”.
Because the sky was so clear, the hills had a warm golden glow even before the sun climbed above the ridgeline six miles away.
And when the sun did appear, the glow turned into warmth for body and mind.
We found a large flat rock for seating, enjoyed homemade scones and coffee, asked hard questions, and listened to conspicuous silence. I’m not sure Michael will become a micro-tour fanatic, but he seemed reasonably content. It is good to have friends willing to occasionally participate in my odd ways.
We took in the view with gratitude for the opportunity, and for the bicycle which makes such excursions more pleasant.
As we rode back home with the sun in our faces, it occurred to me that mixing a good friend into my morning micro-tour makes for a tasty recipe. Thank you, Michael.

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