When I woke up on the last day of the year, this was my view. Because I got a late start on this year-ending S24O, I arrived after sundown, scrambled to set up camp before dark, and didn’t get any pre-morning photos.
I tried a new camp site, not far from my usual spot on the same finger of the lake, but a little closer to deeper water.
The early light on shoreline didn’t disappoint. I had this entire section of the park to myself, and the morning was quite serene until the day’s anticipated cold front blew in with a fury.
I had ample time for a relaxing breakfast and warming myself by the fire, but the wind began to accelerate as I was cleaning up. Taking down the tent and rolling it up proved to be a challenge, so I began mental preparations for the ride back home. It would be two hours into a fierce headwind.
Instead of focusing on the abuse of the wind gusts and slow pace, I just spun a low gear and took advantage of a little extra time today to be grateful for a nice year-ender S24O.

9 thoughts on “Year-Ender

  1. I agree with the others. Great way to end the year! I spent several hours riding today myself, and reflected on what a great year it was. Here's hoping next year is just as good!

  2. That simple, serene, solitary scene at the campsite table looks like the perfect antidote to the overload of Christmas. Inspiring stuff. Can't wait until it's warm enough for an S24O here. Currently it's around 3 deg Celsius (about 37 F).

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