First Day of Winter

Well, here it is. The first day of winter. Just three days ago, some of us were celebrating the late fall season (Fall Finale, if you will) on gravel roads. It was about 29 degrees at dawn, but it warmed up some before our 10am start. Still, we were wearing tights, jackets, and wool.
I’ve been diligently keeping up with my internet cycling buddies’ blogs. Their images of studded tires, icy roads, and snow piled by the wayside have told me that winter might have come early in some places…and maybe it was on its way here.
Well, it’s December 21st. So I guess winter is here. I mustered up my fortitude, stepped outside, and pointed my front tire into the north wind. I braced myself for the first day of winter.

But since it was 80 degrees for my afternoon ride, it didn’t exactly seem like it.

7 thoughts on “First Day of Winter

  1. You must have gotten the cold front early way up in northern North Texas. It got up to 85 round my neighborhood. I was regretting not leaving a pair of shorts at work in case of emergency. Still, it's gonna cool down by the end of the week.

  2. Heat wave here today too…..33 degrees. We also received 12 inches of new snow today to welcome winter properly. I spent the day shoveling snow rather than riding in it. My place of employment was closed due to the storm.

  3. It's fascinating to see Texas in "winter"! 🙂 That whole darn close to the equator thing and all. I enjoy our winters but that looks mighty nice for a day or two.

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