Under the Pecan Tree

The first S24O of the fall season is in the books. My favorite site was already taken, so I had to select an alternative. Way down there, in the lower, thicker timber, was the camp site under the big pecan tree. It was quite a satisfying outing.
I’ll let the photos tell the story…

About half-way there, a railroad crosses wide open pasture land.

A welcome site on a perfect day.

Following the trail down to those lower forested areas.

Tent view.

Evening camp looking north.

Evening camp looking west.

Pecan tree immediately left of bike.

Sloppy table.

A short hike, in late afternoon light.

A backwater area on the north end of the lake.

The last of the sun for the day.

Hike over, returning to camp.

A small fire, and the final glow of the western sky behind the trees.

A warm fire keeps the night’s chilly air back until I crawl into the sleeping bag.

First light.

Coffee time.

Prehike southeast sky.

Cotton ball cloud reflections.

Canopy window and morning sky.

Dry, rocky, forest stream.

Walking the bike path.

Delightful color and texture.

Morning camp, still sloppy.

Against the old pecan tree.

Winning combination.

Rolling home.

Happy camper.

9 thoughts on “Under the Pecan Tree

  1. Love the photos. What camera are you using? I'm guessing you're not carrying an slr. I need to buy one for my next tour. I left my last one on a bench somewhere in the middle of France

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