September Suffering

Contrary to what these images might suggest, September has been a horrible month for the Pondero bicycle. Without question, this month has been the worst of the year for meeting my monthly goals. Unless there is some kind of unanticipated special set of circumstances, September will go down in flames.
Business travel is the chief interference. Although, I’ve posted a few photos from a couple of my most enjoyable travel experiences, there was no pedaling going on. It has been maddening. In those brief moments when I have been at home, its been non-stop catch-up on household chores.
What I need is to pedal away for a few days…
With temps all the way down to 73 degrees this morning, it was surprisingly cool and refreshing. In only a few minutes, I was reminded why those goals I set back in December are so important. A few spins of the cranks, and things no longer look hopeless.
So, I’ll call today the first step to make September as good as it can be, and I’ll keep hoping for better things when the north breezes begin to blow.

1 thought on “September Suffering

  1. We had a great vacation, but there was no riding. I actually embraced the vacation from the bike, as well, but I'm certainly looking forward to getting out, now that we're back.

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