Dancing with Seasons

When you dance with the seasons, you follow their lead. You pay attention, and respond. Don’t fight them, adjust to them. When you flow together in rhythm, it is a most elegant thing.
Several days ago, a weak cool front blew through Denton County. It refreshed, and it gave a subtle hint as to where the seasons are moving next. The sultry stillness of late summer is about to give way to blustery breezes of autumn. It is time to prepare for the next move in the dance.
Eager to take advantage of anticipated S24O opportunities, I spent a little time re-installing racks.
Yes, installing racks only takes a few minutes, and I know well that late summer still lingers. Yet I installed them anyway. I also seemed to lose interest in shaving. So the whiskers are back too.
You can’t lead the dance with the seasons. You must adjust and be ready to follow, because the steady rhythm of the music continues…

5 thoughts on “Dancing with Seasons

  1. As you know, I love being out on a bicycle in all the seasons. I am looking forward to Fall. Of course, up here it has started already. There has already been frost this past week away from the big lake. I'm hoping to get out on a camping trip next weekend. I had big plans for bicycle camping this summer. They all fell through. I tried to find a campground campsite three weekends ago. Not a single site available within 70 miles. It will be much easier now that it's between Labor Day and the fall colors.

  2. My longer commute has me out of sync with the weather. When the ride home was a short 7 miles I would just go. If I got wet, I got wet. With a commute of over twice that distance, Mrs. Doohickie worries about me if there is any kind of weather going on. It's just too easy to drive these days….[phydr]

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