Normally, I get pretty cranky about leaving my pleasant prairie surroundings. That’s because normally when I travel it is for work purposes. Occasionally, however, I am able to mix in a little enjoyment along with the work. This trip is one of those times. This trip included a brief visit to Rivendell Bicycle Works world headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA.
I wandered around looking at some of the bicycle frames and gear I’ve been seeing on their website. It was good to be able to see things first hand and get a better sense of scale. My general impression is that the quality of all their products is extremely high. It might not be the most affordable of bicycling gear, but it seems to be a good long-term value in my opinion.
I was admiring this brand new Bombadil. Jay indicated that it came in yesterday, and that I was the first customer to see it. I really liked the green color. It is extremely solid and looks like it could handle any harsh duty I could imagine. Grant said that someone would be riding this frame 70 years from now. I don’t doubt it.
Since they said I was first to see this frame, I figured I’d take a few photos. I was amazed at the number of braze-ons. Look at the fork, seat stays, and dropouts. Can you count them all?
In addition to places to mount racks, water bottles, and fenders, there’s a pump peg…
…and threaded openings on top of the fork crown for another mounting option for front racks.
Since my A. Homer Hilsen seems to be doing the job for me, I don’t think I’m in the market for a new Bombadil, but I still admire this frame for what it can do for the right person. Still, I couldn’t leave the shop without making a purchase. With great will power, I was able to restrain myself to one wool jersey and one pair of socks on this trip. And that’s pretty good for a Rivendell geek like me.

8 thoughts on “RBW

  1. The funnest thing I ever do on a business trip, usually, is get some good food, paid for by the company! But yours tops mine, totally and I am happy for ya!Peace 🙂

  2. First thing I did when I saw this frame is check the calendar to see if it was April 1st. I thought for sure it was a Grant Peterson April Fool's Day joke. It's beautiful, but so so over the top. Isn't a traditional diamond frame strong enough for nearly 100% of the riding one would do?Regardless, I admire and I'm inspired by GP. What a thrill to stop by RBW and be the first to see a new GP creation.

  3. Hey, Doug, I agree. It seems over the top. I suppose it is intended for heavy loads, rough roads, and long distances. Even then, I guess the really hard core guys use 26in wheels and not 650B.For my relatively small stature, and short occasional camping trips, the AHH works very well for me.

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