News in Context

I monitor the news of the day, and shake my head in disbelief. What folly by those who lead us!

They toss aside wisdom, justice, and truth to satisfy the most destructive passions within us. Instead of leading, they appeal to the selfish interests of others to satisfy their own selfishness. Where are the grown-ups?

The reality is that, in proper context, this seemingly enormous seat of power is scoffed, and foolishness will fall. Look at the bigger picture. Irresponsible stewards will be removed and punished.
One place to go for proper context is Psalm 2. There are many others.


view from the saddle

I have a friend who thinks that golf is a metaphor for life. He’s a golfer. I think a cycling metaphor can teach almost any life lesson. Here’s one; bad choices lead to unpleasant consequences.

Yesterday, the afternoon was hot. So I decided to skip riding in the afternoon and planned to ride early this morning. The problem is that I made poor diet choices yesterday which lead to unpleasant consequences. I didn’t sleep well (consequence 1). Because I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t get up early and ride this morning (consequence 2). Not able to ride, I went through the day agitated carrying around regret (consequence 3). Determined to solve the agitation problem, I decided to go out and ride this afternoon in the 102 (feels like 105) heat. It was unpleasant (consequence 4).

What is true here in the realm of cycling vividly illustrates a universal principle. It’s best to pay attention to our decisions, and make good ones. Sometimes those unpleasant consequences can domino on us.

A Closer Look

Funny how mechanical issues, tweaks, weather, upgrades, schedule, research, and planning change perspective. With various things going on within the stable, I’ve been encouraged to take a closer look at the A. Homer Hilsen here.
I’m enjoying a whole new level of appreciation, and it ain’t all appearance. It’s a kind of contentment.
I like it when that happens.

The Way I Like It

In heat of summer, I like an early start. On the road at 5:30am is about right.

Remote hilltop arrival before sunrise to catch the wonder in total. Cup of coffee in hand.

Wow, … for me? Thanks!

When the dry southwest breeze begins to stir, its time to pack up the gear and head back.

Watching the sun spill between the trees, and flow across the road.

Zig-zagging through the folds in the landscape.