Late Summer Afternoon

I suppose if I were to patch together all the the photos posted on this blog of the 3-mile loop, you’d probably be able to see all of it…all at once. Maybe.
But this is what it looked like today, on a late summer afternoon, and I consider myself fortunate to have seen it. More than that, because I was on a bicycle, I smelled the scent of it, heard sounds of it, and felt the very breeze of it.

5 thoughts on “Late Summer Afternoon

  1. It's amazing the variety of sights, sounds, and smells you can get along such a short route, by revisiting it again and again, at different times of day, and in different seasons. I was marveling at that just last night as I did a rather routine but yet enthralling ride along one of my regular routes.A slight modification to the route made the ride feel a lot different, too. Hopefully your 3-mile loop has a few options for variants?

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