Map Study Delivers

I enjoy looking at maps and aerial photographs. One of the reasons is that sometimes they can pay off with delightful destinations. I was browsing Google Maps (which includes map, terrain, and aerial photos) yesterday trying to find a “non-commercial” access point to Lake Ray Roberts. When I noticed a rural road that came very close to the water, I deduced that there might be insufficient space to include private property between the road and the shoreline of the lake. So early this morning, I rolled out to investigate.

Yep. Another delightful destination bagged, and only 45 minutes away. This will be a very good spot for micro-tour when cooler weather arrives.

5 thoughts on “Map Study Delivers

  1. Whoah! nice find, Sir! as a fellow denton S240'er, i would love some info on where this is….or perhaps we could have a nice fall picnic ride to the destination!Thanks for posting

  2. Beautiful! I love studying maps too, that much more when it pays off. As you may recall a riding buddy and I recently discovered a way to connect two of our favorite riding areas by way of a makeshift path along a lake. Very similar to your discovery.

  3. justinwayne, if you look at a map, follow IH-35 north of Sanger, turn right on Lois Road, left on Huling Road, and right on Switzer Road. Follow Switzer until the road approaches the lake, and turns right. Access on north side. There is a small landing there before a steep drop of 10-20 feet down to the beach. Not much really, but a nice spot to watch a sunrise.

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