Light Switch "On"

(light switch “on”, time to roll)

The breeze picked-up almost immediately. It blew steadily from the southwest, but it felt so good to be back on the road. Normally, windy conditions mess with my mind and test my patience. Today, however, it couldn’t touch my joy at all.
It was ALL good.

(hey, that’s me)

(a rare grove of trees)

(hilltop pause)

(late summer green pasture)

(Ganzer Road at IH-35, looking south)

(back in the quiet zone


9 thoughts on “Light Switch "On"

  1. The wind was kind of strong this morning but like you, I took it in stride.You don't have much shade on your roads do you? I don't remember getting into the shade until we were a pretty good distance from your house during last years Ramble. That makes hot summer rides much less enjoyable.

  2. So, if you were to get on IH 35 and take it north all the way to within 7 miles from where it ends, you'd pass within one mile of my house. I find that very interesting. Perhaps you or nobody else does, but I do. And I'm not sure why.

  3. I was thinking about my comment from yesterday while I was out on a ride today. I happened to cross IH 35 on an overpass and if I had taken a picture it would have looked eerily similar to the picture you took. Except mine would have had more trees lining the sides. I didn't take a picture because I was out for a quick ride and didn't pack my camera.It struck as odd that two people can cross the same road, have nearly the same view, yet be a separated by nearly an entire country. Next time I go that way I'm taking a camera along.

  4. I meant to add that on some routes around here, there is plenty of shade to be had. Others not so much. The shade is much appreciated but sometimes all the trees really restrict views. The wide open views you get can be pretty stunning!

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