Out of the Shadows

When the Kogswell P/R was out of service, it was a dark time. My effort to provide for generator hubs on two bikes (instead of sharing), cause me to be months with the Kogswell sans front wheel. I had multiple bad experiences locally trying to get a wheel built. Then I considered buying/borrowing a stand, and building one myself. Research, deliberating, and real life activities happened, and time marched on. Local bike shop disillusionment, indecision, and no P/R. If it weren’t for my A. Homer Hilsen, I would have thought I was living in Eeyore’s gloomy place, rather boggy and sad.
But it was a lovely dawn. I picked up my newly built wheel yesterday, and am pleased to report that quality bike shops still exist. Bernie and Bryan at Trinity Bicycles in Fort Worth built it right the first time, and delivered on schedule. It’s a long drive for me, but these guys are interested in long-term relationships, and I’ll be back. Thanks, guys.
So, I’ve pedaled out of the shadows, and into the morning light. It was mighty fine to be rolling the fixed wheel again. In and out of the Clear Creek valley in northwest Denton County, my simple place.


With a big push on the last day of the month, I achieved my monthly saddle time goal for June. If things go according to plan, I’ll get a little ahead during the early part of July.
As I mentioned 6 months ago, I’ve established goals for my riding in 2010. The idea is to spend at least some minimum time on the bike each month of the year. A half year into my journey, I’ve met or exceeded my goals every month.
Of course, my goals are rather modest. In addition to targeting hours (rather than miles or average speed), I interpret my rules to favor pleasure over fitness. For example, I might ride 3 miles out to an empty gravel road, sit around with a cuppa for 30 minutes of sunrise solitude, ride back, and log an hour out on the bike.
Yeah, I know. Brilliant.