Going Analog?

If this little corner of the interwebs went suddenly silent, it might be in reaction to a book If finally I find another secret piece of the simple living puzzle, it might involve trading the virtual for the authentic. Perhaps I’d cease wasting so much time amusing myself with pictures of bicycles, reading stories about adventures I’ll never experience, written by people I’m unlikely to meet, and trying to resist upgrading all of my machines with another thing I don’t need. I’m reading a compelling book and, while I haven’t decided yet, this blog might flat-line.

The implications of this book are frightening and convicting. There are productive and needful things to be done, but I stare at a backlit screen. About three years ago, I shut off the TV, but it seems I’ve replaced the TV with the internet. I am a victim of the distraction of readily available information. It is a flood of data, words, and images without meaning. Could I be addicted?

If you still have an attention span long enough to read a book, I suggest…
Amusing Ourselves to Death
Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
by Neil Postman

Until next time…

…if there is a next time.

7 thoughts on “Going Analog?

  1. I'd be sad to see your presence on the interwebs vanish…but on the other hand….I would fully understand. I'd probably cheer you on and follow the same path eventually. I've left the TV behind. I've thought about leaving the computer behind as well. The book looks interesting. I see you can get it digitally too!

  2. Hmmm, I think the writing you do is authentic. This part "wasting so much time amusing myself with pictures of bicycles, reading stories about adventures I'll never experience, written by people I'm unlikely to meet, and trying to resist upgrading all of my machines with another thing I don't need", maybe not so much.

  3. I'm with Doug. Sad, but understand.But, how's this: you can stop checking up on all of us and wherever else you might meander on this crazy ole internet, and simply post to your blog. Create web content without ingesting any.Here's my why: Your content is seldom found on earth, and even more rare on the web. People need to receive your contemplative thoughts, and there are few places on the web that provide them. You can read way too many books too you know. And, awful ones. The web is simply the new reality, and it should be used, but with the same reasoning and discerning that you would approach the analog world, and the way you've approached the analog world in the past. I'm sure you didn't run out to buy every new smut-ramance novel that came out. You read good content, with subjects that had an interest to you and lined up with your values.The web is exactly the same as the printing press. But cheaper. There's good printed material, and their time wasting printed material. Just like websites. You can amuse yourself to death reading stuff on paper too.If you want to no longer post here because you simply don't want to anymore, absolutely, I say do it. But, if you think it's because involved in the digital realm might be a waste of time, maybe just think about it for a bit. Off line.Cheers.

  4. I would also be sad to see your blog dry up. I would understand, but I think that your sharing of these types of ideas helps spread them to others. There's something to be said for that. Maybe there is some middle ground, where the sharing and camaraderie can continue, without taking up so much time?

  5. I don't have anything novel to add- it would be too bad for you to disappear, but totally understandable. What I like about your style is the succinctness and clarity of it. You can take a 40-mile gravel ride and narrow it down to a few lines and a pic, but it evokes what is needed.As for web-addiction, I've never experienced that. đŸ˜‰

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