A Day Awheel

Paul and I were scheming about a Friday country ride for today. Unfortunately, his ability to get away and join me was thwarted on the day before by employment. I almost abandoned the plan myself, but when the weather forecast improved, it seemed prudent to get out while I had the chance.
As I made my loop, the wind followed me around the compass. Except while cruising the first half the greenbelt trail between Denton and Lake Ray Roberts, it was headwind all day.
Fortunately, I brought the bike with gears, and was not in a hurry. I just kept the pedals spinning, and slowly enjoyed scenes like these.

It was the longest ride of the year (so far), and included a stop to refuel.
I wish Paul could have joined me. Maybe we can start scheming again.

6 thoughts on “A Day Awheel

  1. I wish I could have joined you, too! We'll have to get together at some point. You're rides in the country are visual paradise.P.S…. I like the Psalm quote at the bottom.-Paul

  2. Glad you got to ride the Greenbelt! I enjoyed riding it and as a matter of fact I washed off the mud from my bike only this afternoon. I take it the bike is the Rivendell.Peace 🙂

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