8 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. Was that taken about ten feet out your back door? Because with the north wind that's pushing on my house right now, I can only imagine how chilly it was standing out there to make that photograph. Lovely, by the way.

  2. Yes, Steve, I'm as eager for spring as the next guy, but I'm also afraid summer heat is looming.Twister, the photo was take from my front porch. My front door faces east, so the house was blocking the northwest wind (mostly). I aimed south and snapped a few, then scurried back inside.

  3. Uncanny. Seems like everyone but us up here in the northland this year is getting snow. According to the historical weather data, March is our snowiest month. We've yet to have any and it's looking and feeling like mid-May. But I know better. I'm still not taking the studded tires off the commuter bike.

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