Sunday Short One

Targeting comfort, a short time outdoors, and a easy leg stretcher, I grabbed the upright cruiser and navigated the 3-mile loop. The mish-mash of bare tree limbs on another grey day seemed more interesting in black and white.
On the other hand, the rich shades of brown provided an organic warm contrast to those same steely bare limbs.
Then it started to rain, and the 3-mile loop was sufficient for today.

The Recruit

It’s not that I bundled up and ventured out into the cloudy, chilly day. It’s not that I spent more time in the saddle than any other day so far this year. It’s not even that I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee shop stop with its pastry goodness.
It’s about the recruit. This young whipper-snapper friend of mine joined me for a significant portion of my ride today. He seemed at least mildly amused reading about my micro-tour adventures, so he was recruited to get out and join me on a two wheel excursion. I don’t think he’s done much riding, but with a little coaching, it’s obvious that he’ll be able to put the hurt on me in no time.
No coaching for the recruit.