Wayside Breakfast

Harberson Road is a short east/west gravel road. It connects two paved county roads, and provides access to only a couple of homes, so it is very lightly traveled. It is less than a mile long, but seems miles from anywhere.
On the south edge of Harberson Road is an elevated “bench” about 3 feet higher than the road. On that bench at one of the hilltops, is a quiet place with a pleasant view. A good place for hot coffee and sunrise watching on a chilly morning.
With a thermos slipped into my saddlebag, I pedaled out into the darkness. Seeing the red eastern horizon, I selected an indirect route to my destination that would allow me to carefully time my arrival.
Just right.

7 thoughts on “Wayside Breakfast

  1. Actually, Steve, I put myself in one of those "too easy" sunrise shots, but was quite disappointed with the results. Not luscious.Being at the right place, at the right time, to see the early light in the sky, to hear the birds sing, and being outdoors…luscious, indeed.

  2. Well, I figured you boys would want to organize the next BABBLE ride back in the big city. If there is interest, I'd love to host a country excursion. Hmmm… BABBLE micro-tour?

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