Single Speed, Baby!

Way back in November, I announced my winter bike project for 2009/2010. I shot off the blocks when the gun fired and provided updates one, two, and three within the same month. Then things bogged down for a variety of reasons that are too tiresome to go into here.
But now it is virtually finished. If you happen to be interested enough to study the photos, you might notice that I haven’t yet trimmed the brake cables, and it has no bottle, rackage, or baggage. Given it’s intended purpose, it probably won’t need much.
It’s an experiment. I wanted to try out the upright bars, and thought it might serve me well for some of my shorter rides. It might even be a good business trip bike, since I drive often to several other Texas cities.
The project mainly converts my Kogswell Model P into a single speed. Other modifications include the upright bars, re-raked front fork to reduce geometric trail, use of a different set of wheels I had, and powder-coating to a refined burgundy color.
After all the grief I’ve received about the color of my A. Homer Hilsen, it is good to finally have a bike in a color us Aggies can be proud of.

11 thoughts on “Single Speed, Baby!

  1. Beautiful. The Kogswell is reborn, and in fine form. Looking forward to hearing how this setup works for you.I love the color of your AHH … but I'm not a sports fan, so I wouldn't have even thought about the potential problems there.

  2. Oh, got the color comment. And no, I wouldn't think Aggie fans would appreciate the near-burnt orange.As for the project, looks great. I love this re-engineered solution instead of more consumption, per your message.

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