Almost Didn’t Go

I wanted to ride but, like a spoiled child, I wanted warmer, dryer conditions. I almost decided to wait a day to see if conditions would improve. I almost didn’t go.
But I’ve set goals for myself this year. When I step back from the moment and think about it, I know that getting out is good for me. Like eating vegetables, and refusing dessert, riding is good for me. So I remembered the goal, and I forced myself to get dressed and get outside.
Specific goals are helpful like that. They remind us that there are things that are important to ourselves beyond certain momentary circumstances or inconveniences. We remind ourselves that we will have future regrets if we fail ourselves now. Whether it is a goal for more exercise, a better diet, or improvement of moral virtues, we need a way to keep our priorities before us. We need assurance that the effort is worth it.
The air was damp and brisk. Traffic was insignificant. The winter surroundings in northern Denton County were peaceful.
As I pedaled down an empty road, a smile formed on my face, and I couldn’t figure out why I almost didn’t go.

8 thoughts on “Almost Didn’t Go

  1. The questions I have are: How did that last picture get taken and what's the story on those glasses? They don't look like safety goggles. This blog always has a surprise or two in store…

  2. David, for me the "getting layered up" is the hardest part of getting out the door.Big Oak, yes, it is almost always worth it.Steve, I took the photo with my left hand, and the glasses are cheap Performance Bicycle sunglasses that come with brown, yellow, and clear snap in/out lenses. I like to wear the clear ones to keep bugs, dust, cold wind, and rain out of my eyes.

  3. Some of my most memorable rides have been in "I Almost Didn't Go" conditions. Glad you got out there, it obviously paid off.I dig the glasses, I wear actual glasses for my vision, which severely reduces my eyewear choices. I could try contacts — and I still might — but I've had them before, and they have problems of their own …

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