Breakfast on a Bridge

On the way to one of my favorite breakfast stops.

This is my second scouting trip for a mixed terrain ride for BABBLE. I figure if I can string together enough enticing country roads, I might be able to get some of those city boys to come up and join me for a ride.

Where the rubber meets the road.

The idea is to leave my place early on a Saturday morning, ride north and west, and spend a fair amount of time on roads with virtually no traffic. Of course there is also virtually no paving.

Just one guy’s picnic basket.

Since this was my second scouting trip this direction, I knew that stopping on this bridge would be a great place for a picnic. I loaded up my front bag with a few goodies, pedaled into a cool and colorful morning, and found the bridge right where I left it…far enough away from civilization to be peaceful.

A nice place to sip coffee and listen to prairie music.

Birds sang over a background of rustling leaves. A single duck paddled around this pool just upstream of the bridge.

On the way home, a saw this oddity. A narrow rock standing on end. I am virtually certain it was not there when I passed by earlier. I did see one pick-up truck on this road. My theory is that the truck hit this rock with just enough force to tip it up to its balancing point.

It was a delightful breakfast on a bridge, and it was also a productive scouting exercise. The route is not fully defined yet, but it’s coming along nicely. Those city boys should have a nice time…if’n their tires are fat enough.

Bike Geek Progress Report 1

An old, barely functional wheelbarrow was lined with a trash bag. Bit by bit, pieces were removed from the neglected one. They were placed in this temporary nest until they’d be needed again. Some parts will not be used in this project. The pace was snail-like, while picturing the finished product in my mind.
With the exception of the headset press-in parts, the neglected one is now a frame and fork. It is almost time for refinishing. First, the cleaning. Then the selection of a new color. The universe of color options has been screened down to a family, but the one, just right color has not yet been appointed.
While the refinish is underway, and if schedules allow, certain select parts will be cleaned, lubed and made ready to be put back into service. The nature of their service will be new, and I think it will suit them nicely.

Entire Sunrise

morning commute
dark-to-light transition
crisp, autumn sky
rural darkness
horizon burning with color
pastures hidden in black shadows
sun bursting forth
people squinting in the glare
even in shadows
light spills in
darkness had gone to bed

Winter Project 2009/2010

The neglected one is about to get some attention. It is time for a major make-over. This configuration overlaps too much with the A. Homer Hilsen, and leaves a gaping hole in my array of ride styles.
WARNING – Bike geek inspired progress reports forthcoming.

Sunday Commute

Golden morning glow like faces lit up by a campfire, colors like some earthy kaleidoscope, and quiet like I’m the only one to see it.
When I arrive where brothers and sisters have gathered, I am (more than usual) thankful, humble, and ready to sing.