Nearby, But New

It is odd that I crave new sights and experiences, but seem to ride the same roads repeatedly. One reason, I suppose, is that there really are numerous pleasant routes nearby. However, with a desire to avoid posting the same photos over and over again (no matter how much they might entertain me personally), it seems I’d venture into new areas. In reality, I’ve probably covered almost all routes that are very near my house. Still, there was at least one left out.

I found a nice grass road


More grass road

Wanted to keep waiting for the crash

One fork leading to a pasture

No longer useful, but for us tourists

Another fork leading to a different pasture

Too small for a house or barn

I probably shouldn’t be here

Time to head back home

2 thoughts on “Nearby, But New

  1. I don't mind repeated photos of the same scenery. In fact, I always like to see the same scenes in different times of year and different weather conditions.Looks like a great ride! The grass paths across the fields are very cool.

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