Coffee Surprise

With only the slightest of headaches, and a fuzzy perspective, I rolled through the morning. I enjoyed the ride through unusually cool air, even if it was a bit forced. I needed this ride like I need my morning coffee. So with a full Saturday schedule, I forced it in. The plan was to ride one way to Denton, meet up with my bride, and ride home with her. It was a good plan, except I awoke to a kitchen with no coffee. I decided not to sacrifice the ride time for a coffee fix, and hit the road hoping the morning would be sufficiently invigorating.

Riding along was so enjoyable, it was hard to stop. The plan was to pause in route and the appropriate time to coordinate final errand arrangements. With the sun low on the horizon, doing his just-out-of-bed stretch, I found a hilltop and made the necessary calls. The bad news was that the item to be picked-up was not ready. The good news is that my schedule just opened up considerably. This is the kind of adversity I can handle. It didn’t take long to conjure an alternate plan. As my bride indicated a need for a little more rest, I said that I’d go on into town and pedal back home. It was coffee time.
With my fuzzy sights set on my favorite shop on the courthouse square, I rolled on. Moments later, while sitting on a courthouse bench, I tasted my chocolate muffin, sipped the aromatic brew, and reflected on my good fortune. I was able to enjoy my morning coffee afterall. What’s more, I purchased a half-pound to take home and was able to double my time on the bike. What a delightful surprise! Like one of my bride’s dogs watching a piece of toast fall from plate to floor, sometimes circumstances provide surprising rewards.
What started as a squeezed-in errand ride turned into a leisurely forty mile, fixed wheel coffee run.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Surprise

  1. Drinking coffee and riding bikes are a couple of life's simplest pleasures.That would be Jupiter House, right? The last time I was in Denton that coffee house was full. I ended up running over to Art Six coffee house just north of UNT.

  2. Finding you have more time to ride than you expected is always a pleasant surprise. Today, I was surprised by lots and lots of rain. Not always enjoyable, but today was just a great day to be out riding. Coffee or no coffee. Rain or no rain.

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