Sorting Things Out

Sometimes on a ride, things that are floating around in mind get sorted out. Each individual piece seems to get placed in proper position. Integrated that way, they combine to form a completely different product. Often this product functions as a revelation of some new truth.
Bicycling, if one allows it, opens the mind to process information in new ways. This is one of the main reasons behind the title of this blog, Pondero, and the proliferation of it’s cycling content. I ride, I ponder, and I discover new truths.
The discovery of truth is a dangerous occupation. Each discovery has the potential for bringing good news, or something much less pleasant. Many times there is a realization of how fortunate I am to have sufficient health, time, and financial means to be outdoors to enjoy my local surroundings. I realize how much I’ve been blessed. Other times, the realization is more sobering. This Sunday morning was one of those more sobering occasions.
I enjoyed the ride in the unusually cool (69 degrees) summer morning. I pedaled and manipulated individual thoughts while admiring the countryside. When I stopped to take a photo, I turned and glanced at my bike. Then, much to my dismay, it all became completely clear.
My bicycle is cooler than me.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Things Out

  1. nice punch line. I don't know you, so I can't verify the claim, but my own bicycles are certainly cooler than I. Or maybe not. Like dogs, perhaps they mirror the owner. Chew on that one.Peace

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