Valley View Loop

Didn’t want to miss an opportunity for a holiday ride.  On the road by 7:00 and within minutes, I had dropped down into a valley and was admiring a shady creek.  This is a favorite watering hole for the local cows.  No wonder. 
A little while later, I had climbed up and over another ridge and in a perfect position to survey the morning countryside.  Just north of the Denton/Cook County line and looking east.  Valley View, Texas is straight ahead, then turn left just past the horizon.
No problem.

5 thoughts on “Valley View Loop

  1. Tex69, if I understand correctly from you posts, you’ve enjoyed some mixed terrain riding recently, right? Remember, it all doesn’t look like this, I just pick out some of my favorite parts. Still, it’s pretty good. If you ever get down this way, I’ll show you around.Anon, yes, well, sort of. I wanted the Latin word for “ponder” and “pondero” is what I found. That was the general intent of the blog title selection. Thanks for mentioning it for those that might not know.

  2. I always enjoy your writing. I’m not a cyclist so I can’t always identify with all of your cycling ponderings, however, I do enjoy your thoughtful cogitations on various subjects. (While I’m at it, your photography is superb as well)I have especially found your thoughts on religion, balance, and simplicity to be stimulating. This may be unprecidented, but I would like request a post, or better yet, a series of posts with your thoughts on these subjects. Please do not feel obligated to fufill my request, I am merely making a suggestion and can promise that at least one person will read (and enjoy) your forthcoming posts.

  3. Man, that's pretty. You keep taking pretty pictures like that and you'll find roads crowded with bicyclers, I afraid. Makes me want to look for a house up in Sanger / Valley View.

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