What’s New?

“What’s new?”, I guess, is what neighbors sometimes say when they are ready to take a couple of minutes to catch up.  Assuming that you and I met briefly at the fence for a chat, I’d probably catch you up by saying…

Contrary to what I suggested a few days ago, I haven’t yet launched into any desparation rides.  So, sorry, no particularly entertaining stories of me suffering.  There was, however, the faster-than-normal commute home on Tuesday, which was primarily due to me trying (and finally succeeding) in catching two riders spotted up the road.  That little spike in competitive spirit made me pay, I’ll tell you.  But that’s another story.
I will say that I met a new friend today out on the 3-mile loop.  I’ve seen this excellent specimen a few times before, but never so close to the fence.  Since the sun was nearing the horizon, and I like that late afternoon glow, it seemed like a photo opportunity.  This is a beautiful animal, and a little fearful, but curiosity ultimately drew that nose close enough to sniff Homer’s bar tape.
What else is new?  Well…I’m considering a project.  I’m not prepared to commit, but I’m considering a “Country Bike Shootout” between my Kogswell P/R and the Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen. A comparison review of sorts, similar to the product “shootouts” you’ve seen before.  I’ve been riding these two very different bikes alternately for weeks now.  Every time I switch bikes, I come back from the ride saying, “No, I like THIS bike best”.  I thought it might be an interesting exercise to compare/contrast the two bikes.  Maybe it would provide useful information for someone.  Or maybe it would just make you appreciate your Bicycle Quarterly subscription more than ever.

3 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Excellent photos, almost as if you had a professional photographer waiting for you on the side of the road.A shootout would be interesting. I’m guessing that you’re going to keep the Kogswell geared for the comparison.

  2. Actually, if the shootout is done, the Kogswell will be fixed. That’s part of the contrast. I find them both completely capable country bikes…and completely different. It’s messing with my head.

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