Misty Morning Sunday

Out for an hour on a cool misty Sunday morning.  Since north Texas has already had an assortment of 90-degree afternoons, celebrating a 60-degree morning with a gentle north breeze was a joy.  It refreshes the body and the spirit.  There might not be a better way to stoke the fire for worship.

Thankfulness for the time, health, and means to get outdoors and enjoy His awesome creation bubbled up within.  Folks seem to sleep later, or travel less, on Sunday mornings.  So it was just me, the birds singing, and cotton-tail rabbits skipping down the road.  It was one of those Uncle Remus, zip-a-dee-doo-dah moments.  Seasonal rain, the green, and the wildflowers of spring.
Sweet hour of prayer indeed.

4 thoughts on “Misty Morning Sunday

  1. Very sweet indeed. I always enjoy my morning commutes in the fog and mist (it happens frequently when you live next to a huge lake). It always seems more peaceful when everything is shrouded in fog and all the sounds are muffled.

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