Between Breaths

After several days of below-freezing mornings and blustery afternoons, it was as if the atmosphere had taken a deep breath, exhaled forcefully, and was at a prolonged pause before inhaling again. Saturday afternoon was sunny, above 60 degrees, and unusually windless. As prairie dwellers, we know that such warm stillness is like driving throught a small town. If you reach down to adjust the radio, you missed it. I wonder how many were inside watching the idiot box and missing it.

Fortunately for me, there were a few simple outdoor chores to be done in the morning. They began in a sharp chill, but as morning turned to afternoon, the wind layed down for a nap. It became obvious that conditions had reached an optimum.

So I grabbed a small lunch, a couple of hours, and a noodling mindset. Then I pedaled around the Clear Creek watershed and found a quiet place for a short picnic stop. I took a deep breath, the sun warmed, birds chirped, I pondered pleasant surroundings, and then exhaled…

5 thoughts on “Between Breaths

  1. Wow! I have appreciated your photos since you sent me the link, but I didn’t know you were hiding the spirit of a poet in your bike-bag. I really enjoy your insights on life. God Bless…

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