Dogged Logic…or Jedi Mind Tricks?

“Five dogs is my max”, she said.

“That’s good, because there are six living in our house now”, I said. “That means we can get rid of one.”

“No”, she said. “That means I bring home another one.”

This might be perfectly logical to you. But I’m an engineer. I take comfort in the predictability of mathematics and was seriously confused. As I paused to try and comprehend what she was saying, she held up her hand, looked me in the eye, and said, “Six dogs, plus one dog, is five dogs.”

“Six dogs, plus one dog, is five dogs”, I said, not in control of my faculties.

I’m still confused. Something doesn’t seem quite right here.

To those of you that read this blog regularly, please answer me this…Have I seen this dog before?

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