Time to Think

A man needs time to think. He needs to ponder his future and consider his options. He ought not simply do the easiest or most convenient thing. He ought not do something just because he can. It seems a man should think about whether a thing has value and not whether it is simply economically profitable, a bargain, or the most efficient way. Efficiency has its place, but it’s not everything. He should ask more often whether God is in it.

With all his time saving devices these days, I guess a man has lots of time to think. Unfortunately, it seems what he doesn’t do is take a little time to think about what he should do all this extra time. Not that you did, but if you asked me, I’d say that the average man doesn’t think about value and (without thinking) choses to do things that please him…because he can.

It seems a man has more ways to spend his time now than a man ever had. The thing is, just because he can doesn’t mean he should. He should also be mindful enough to say NO to more things than he ever did. I say a man should be doing a lot less than he is…so that he can do the RIGHT things. Things of value. Like pondering his future and considering his options. Because a man needs time to think.

And some men need more time, because we are slower of mind.

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