Going On A Cruise

Part 1

At a business lunch this week, the two other gentlemen in the party revealed that they each had plans to take a cruise this year. One will be leaving for Alaska soon. The other will be flying to Spain to begin a Mediterranean cruise in September. They spoke of prior cruise vacations. They spoke of the places they’d see and the things they’d do. They spoke of travel logistics. They contrasted the two eagerly anticipated trips to exotic locations. I couldn’t add much to the conversation. At one point, one of the gentlemen turned to me and asked, “Chris, have you ever been on a cruise?”

“No”, I said, “but I hear they can be quite pleasant.” Then I think I mumbled something about there being plenty of food. He turned back to resume his conversation with someone who knew of which he spoke. I took another bite of my lunch and listened.

Part 2

This morning, while the birds were singing at peak volume, I opened the back door, let in the cool, morning air, and the coffee finished brewing. I pulled a small, familiar cup from the cabinet. When the coffee flowed slowly from the decanter, aromatic steam rose up and filled the space bounded by face, cup, and decanter. The hot brown liquid swirled…and then settled, but the fragrance continued to rise up and stir the senses. Pleasant, earthy contentment. Then, there was a realization. Perhaps, during that lunch meeting, I mis-spoke.

Actually, I’ve been on thousands of cruises. In fact, this old saddletramp has another land cruise planned very, very soon…and the anticipation gives me great joy.

Twilight Snapshots

Just a few photos of the short trip around the famous 3-mile loop. This is what it looked like, at this time of day, today. Starting out on FM 2450…

A little farther down the highway…
After turning off the “busy” highway onto Chisum Road…

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A short video (listen for the bird chirp)…


FALAOWTAHC stands for First and Last Annual One Way Tailwind Almost Half Century.

Basically, last Saturday I had a lunch appointment with a good friend a little less than 50 miles southeast from my house. There was a 15-20 mph wind blowing steady from the northwest. Since I had also planned to watch my nephew’s little league baseball game that same evening, Janet planned to drive down. That means I had transportation for the return trip back home late in the evening. That also means that I could enjoy a nice (almost) half century ride, from point-to-point, on a nice cool, spring day, with a massive tailwind. Hence…the First and Last Annual One Way Tailwind Almost Half Century.

Happy bike after arriving at Anamia’s Tex-Mex in Southlake, Texas.


Baseball action (our hero is the catcher) before the lights came on…

It was a delightful 3+ hour ride. It was a delightful and delicious lunch with a dear friend. It’s a shame that it was the “First AND Last Annual…”. If I could figure out how to duplicate the conditions of that ride, along with the entire afternoon and evening, I think I’d do it again.

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