Clown Bike Farewell

No…I’m not planning to rid myself of the clown bike. At least, not yet.

Instead, it appears that I’ve developed an unintentional habit. Before an out-of-town business trip, I like to take a few minutes for one last spin around the 3-mile loop…and document it here.

So today, as I reluctantly prepare for a multi-day trip away from the pleasant rolling hills of north Denton County (and worse, away from my beloved), I took the clown bike for a short excursion.

As we speed toward June at full speed, it has become apparent that the shade is becoming more desirable. Things are heating up around here in the mid-afternoon. These wildflowers won’t be around much longer. The hot and dry of Texas summer is starting to take control. It looks like early Saturday morning rides will be replacing the Sunday afternoon rides of cooler months.

It’s farewell for now, but I look forward my return home…and my return to early morning excursions across the north Texas prairie.

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