It has been suggested that, perhaps the greatest Dachshund of them all, has not had sufficient acclaim. Since that suggestion has merit, let me introduce to you, the “special one”.

Normally, Joey keeps a low profile. He is above the childish shenanigans of the furry rascals. As one of the foster dogs that never left, we don’t really know how old he is. His behaviour indicates that he is the elder statesman of the group. Joey saves his strength for carefully selected activities.

Joey does everything 100%. You remember the verse, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” (Eccl. 9:10)? Well, Joey lives his life this way.

He can curl up for a nice long nap anytime of day. He might have been sleeping all morning, but if you lie down on the couch for a rest, he’ll hop up there with you, curl up, and commence the snoring within seconds. He is what we call a leisure specialist. That said,…and let me be very clear about this…he is NOT lazy.

Everything he does is done full speed ahead. You should see him eat. If you choose to take me up on this suggestion, let me caution you…don’t blink. Not only is he fast, he’ll eat almost anything. When given baby carrots, our largest Dachshund, Gus, …you know, the one that looks like a pit bull… Gus moves them around in his mouth a bit and ejects them from the side like a rifle ejects spent casings. Joey is the one who vacuums up the leftovers. He inhales his own carrots and Gus’ too. No one knows how much Joey could eat. It appears the only limitation is the point at which he would explode.

Surely, you must have the wrong impression by now. Given that he eats and sleeps with amazing enthusiasm, you must think he is inactive. Not so. I will admit that his usual circumstances are condusive to leisure. However, if you’ve the need for someone to wander the property and track wild beasts like a bloodhound, he’s your dog. He can do this with a level of focus and intensity of a gunfighter standing on a dusty street eyeing his adversary. I’ve seen him chase squirrels with those short little legs moving so fast, his running looked like a solid black line being drawn across my brother’s backyard grass. When the season is right, he’ll track down grasshoppers, pounce on one with two front paws, and eat the crunchy delicacy while waddling proudly back to the house.

“So,” you say, “is he a good with people?” Joey is everyone’s best friend. The first time I saw him, he looked up at me and walked right up to me with his tail wagging like had been my dog for years. Remember, I’m NOT the dog person in this family. I can’t think of anyone Joey doesn’t like. If you’ve got a lap, he’s there.

Although Joey loves everyone, it is clear he has a favorite. Most of us will pat his head or scratch his chin. Janet will feed him, bath him, and see to his health needs. But, Lisa, our Coastie, is his favorite. She is the one who most sees to the special things in Joey’s life…those extra treats, the birthday parties, and those nice long cuddle sessions during movie time. Joey does everything 100% and he’s picked, with great admiration, a best friend.

Now that she is at sea, he misses his best friend…and he misses her with everything he has.

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