Exploring Waide Road

There is a lightly traveled gravel road that intersects the 3-mile loop. Since living here, it has beckoned for exploration. For various reasons, it has remained a mystery until today. It is hard to explain why, but this same “Bridge Out” sign that once served to dissuade looked rather inviting today. Don’t you think?

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon you might ride a bike for more than an hour on Waide Road and never see a car. Instead, you might amble along and see empty roads…


…and when you get to the highpoint of the ride, you might look admiringly back across the valley toward home.

If you did these things, it is quite possible that you’d also realize that there are amazing bicycle riding opportunities right here at this little spot on the map we call Bolivar…and realize how fortunate one would be to live here.

I know, because that’s just what I did when I explored Waide Road today.

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